Just Cause Wiki
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Why does everyone associate white with futuristic? Guys, just because we live in the future doesn’t mean we like boring colors.
Personal info
Full name 7871626-AAB
Formal title Highway
Time of birth September 19, 2365 (yes, I’m from the future, don’t question it.)
Place of origin New Chicago
Origin myth Nothin’ special. Just a regular human.
Ideology / Religion Martian Christian Standard (Earthen Christian Standard is wildly different, had to specify.)
Level of Badassetude Solid High-Extreme
Current location nation People’s Reformed Union of the Terraformed Mars Colony (too bad you won’t live long enough to see this place, it’s pretty cool.)
Current location city/town/village New Chicago. (No, not the north side, the lame south side.)
List of jobs Data Scribe. (I think the equivalent would be a “Website designer/E-book author”?)


I am citizen 7971626-AAB of New Chicago. I work as a data scribe, which means in my free time, I sometimes like to connect back to primitive computer eras, such as here. I will do my best not to reveal too much about the future, because that could cause a paradox or something. It’s so interesting seeing what the past is like (apparently you guys have to drive a car, on the ground, just to get to work!). I personally like the sound of the word “highway”, so I chose it as my name, and most people know me by that, not my Citizen ID. Anyways, this video game called Just Cause? Pretty good series, I like it a lot (not going to say how many games were made though, because it would probably shock you.). I do like other old games though. See below.

Gamer stuff

I do not own a console, however I have an “Multi-Functional Media Player” which, among other things, is able to read discs.

Games owned

Just Cause 1-4 of course, but I have other games:

  • Minecraft. Classic game from the 21st century.
  • Subnautica. Gotta love the feel of a survival game.
  • Subnautica: Below Zero. Cold brew version of Subnautica, now with voices!
  • No Man’s Sky. Good game, like how similar the spaceships look, they got it pretty close.
  • Cities: Skylines. Who doesn’t love seeing how cities use to look.
  • Jurassic World: Evolution. Apparently, this was a movie franchise that was extremely popular, and this is a video game about it? Don’t know much about the movies but this game is pretty good.
  • GTA V. Let me tell you, this game aged poorly. I won’t say how though.
  • Portal 2. I like how complex this one is. Portals are a concept that are very fascinating, I hope they are a thing in my lifetime.
  • A bunch more I don’t want to name, and several that came out only like 50 years ago, so they’re not technically a thing yet.

Just Cause stuff

Just Cause 4 was the first one I played, followed by 3, 2, and 1. I have fully completed 3 and its DLCs and 4 plus Los Demonios and Danger Rising.

Gotta say, Just Cause 3 was the best out of the bunch. Even the DLCs were the best out of the group. I do enjoy the Danger Rising DLC of JC4 almost as much though.