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Just Cause Game Series

You have intruded far enough. Now it's time for you to meet your doom at the hands of... my ninja. - Pandak "Baby" Panay in Mountain Rescue

Taste the wrath of mother Russia! - Alexander Mirkov in Three Kings

You may have beaten me, but never my homeland! - Alexander Mirkov

Never did understand politics... - Rico Rodriguez in A Just Cause

I told you, I am invincible! - "Baby" Panay, during the missile chase

Situation secure! Heavy support inbound! HANDLE IT! - JC3 Heat announcer

Don't **** with a scorpion unless you're prepared to get stung! - Rico Rodriguez

You can't beat the Agency, Rico. The Agency is America. It's not some banana republic. You're not equipped for it. - Emerson Miller


The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants... - Thomas Jefferson

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones... - Albert Einstein

Amat victoria curam - Victory loves preparation

Sic semper tyrannis (Thus always to tyrants) - John Wilkes Booth, upon assassinating Abraham Lincoln

Semper fidelis - United States Marine Corps

We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature. - Abraham Lincoln

You can play with fire but don't ever let it get back to you. - A230385

Whenever necessary, don't play with fire... both literally and figuratively. - A230385

Mess with me with DLC and you guarantee your death. - A230385

Mess with me and you die! - A230385

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it! - George Santayana

My favorite weapons, courtesy of User:SaddexProductions

  • Walker AH-16 Hammerthunder - Ban hammer come slamming down on trolls/vandals/rule breakers
  • EXTREME 15 Havoc - Mass edit storms
  • GV-104 Railroad - Adding/Expanding information where needed
  • "Invincible" Bavarium Tank - Locking down articles if/when needed
  • Night Mstitel - Making edits at crazy times
  • Mechanized Just Cause Corporation Helper - Assisting people if/when needed
  • Speedhawk Jet Fighter - Really fast edits
  • X700 FlySwatter - Can make very random edits in quick succession
  • Coyote C3 Assault Helicopter - Always monitoring the wiki activity
  • Cerberus Siege Heli - Massive edits

Other stuff

  • 145 IQ
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Solís



  • Kill a colonel with minimal health (as in literally none)
  • Dodge all six of Pulau Berapi's SAMs with a H-62 Quapaw (A.K.A. the slowest helicopter in the game)
  • Break the sky dive limit at 3000m (see Hot air balloon)
  • Disarm Mile High Club bomb with only a second left on the clock
  • Catch up with a Bering I-86DP with a Si-47 Leopard (A.K.A. catch a bullet train by running only)
  • Medici Most Wanted (Heat level 5): 99:01:15 (Consider that a challenge for anyone to beat)
  • Golden Urga Mstitel Duel
  • 100000th, 101000th, 102000th, 103000th, 104000th, 119000th, 120000th, 126000th, 130000th, 131000th, and 149000th edit on wiki
  • Steal a CS7 Thunderhawk
  • Created article in correspondence to year number (has never been done before)


  • Rode on five missiles
  • Redirected a missile using just arm muscle
  • Destroyed Project Illapa
  • ?

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Just Cause 2 Multiplayer

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Game progress

This table is never accurate.

Game Hours logged In reality 100% 200% Ranking Achievement hunting
Just Cause 34 Unknown (1034+) Yes Yes 3/4 N/A
Just Cause 2 900 Unknown (3800+) 99.94% (broken game) Yes 5 Complete
Just Cause 2 Multiplayer 1511 1511 N/A N/A 1 Complete
Just Cause 3 272 Unknown (672+) Yes Yes 3/4 Complete
Just Cause 3 Multiplayer 1.3 1.3 N/A N/A What the absolute **** N/A
Just Cause 4 113 Unknown (213+) Yes Yes 2 Complete

Chart of Massive Proportions


Weapons in the Just Cause game series (handheld) Locations (users, if applicable/necessary)
Holdt R4 Pitbulls Everywhere. Rico can't lose these.
Harker 357 Sawback
Moretti P.94
Gallini M39 "Husher"
Aviv Panthera
Aviv Scarab
Dawson 61 Sports Model
Nova 9
RPG M-112
Adler FF M-72
Barclay Phantom
Fleisher AR-5 Blizzard
Lance FDL
Haswell Gen2 Vindicator
Mako Ocra
Mako Hammerhead
Moretti CCW Centurion
Moretti CCW Praetorian
Timed Explosives
Triggered Explosive
Fragmentation Grenade
Assault Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Sniper Rifle
Submachine Gun
Insert name here Status Known for
Adolf Hitler Dead (suicide) Dictator of Nazi Germany
Joseph Stalin Dead Dictator of the Soviet Union
Benito Mussolini Dead (hanged) Prime Minister of Italy (Il Duce of Fascism)
Xi Jinping Alive President/Dictator of China
Vladimir Putin Alive President/Dictator of Russia
Donald J Trump Alive President/Dictator/Useful idiot of the United States of America

Things to confirm

  • Whether some users (or locations where applicable) of some weapons exist or not
  • Whether Black Hand Jackson JC - 2 Alamo and HH-22 Savior exist
  • Joya Del Sol
    • Speed Stunt - 50
  • Meeting Lanza Morales
    • Mira says that her uncle, Lanza Morales, has returned to his cell in La Mazmorra, and would like to speak with Rico about Project Illapa.


{{Thumbs up}} {{Console unknown}}

Just Cause 3 Infobox settlement

Japanese Military soldier manning minigun
Settlement in Medici
Type Island
Region eDEN Airship
Province eDEN Airship
Coordinates N 40 ##.### E 5 ##.###
Missions that take place here Stranded

Just Cause 4 Infobox vehicle

Vendaval Lockout (cargo jet to drop paratroopers)
Dropping paratroopers
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Cargo plane
Weapons None
Rarity Fairly rare
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos
Top speed (km/h) Unknown
Top speed (mph) Unknown

Battle infobox

Battle of Costa Del Porto
Just Cause 3
Costa Del Porto (burning houses in trailer)
The town in flames.
Location: Costa Del Porto
Result: Rebellion Pyrrhic victory
Medici Military The Rebellion
Sebastiano Di Ravello Mario Frigo
Rico Rodriguez
Medici Military The Rebellion
Heavy, including 3 CS Odjurs Presumably very heavy

Battle of Vico Maquerello
Just Cause 3
Connect the Dots (multi-wave shootout)
Rico, Annika, Teo, Mario, and a unnamed rebel engaged in combat against the Medici Military.
Location: Vico Maquerello
Result: Rebellion victory
Medici Military The Rebellion
None Mario Frigo
Rico Rodriguez
Medici Military Annika Svennson
Mario Frigo
Unnamed rebel
All killed Mario Frigo severely injured

Battle of the Cove
Just Cause 3
Abandon Ship (EMP blowing up attackers)
EMP activating
Location: Grotta Contrabandero
Result: Rebellion victory
Medici Military The Rebellion
None Mario Frigo
Rico Rodriguez
Medici Military Annika Svennson (late battle)
Mario Frigo
Teo (late battle)
Rebels at cove
All killed Light



  • 02/14/15 - 25%
  • 04/16/16 - 50%
  • 10/08/16 - 75%
  • 11/08/16 - 90%
  • 01/01/18 - 99%
  • 01/18/18 - 99.90%
  • 06/08/18 - 0%

Longest threads


  • Estatuas Machi
    • High in the mountains and far from the road, it’s likely this odd structure has been untouched by human hands for centuries.
  • Estatuas Amaru
    • In 1952, an explorer set up camp in this cave and slowly went mad trying to solve the riddle of the ancient structures.
  • Estatuas Misi
    • The ancient structure here is even more puzzling than the odd rock formation here.
  • Estatuas Pira(n)a
    • Workers used displaced rock to hide this structure from view of the railway. But they were too superstitious to bury it entirely.
    • Speed Stunt - 65
  • Manquswasi
    • These ruins recently featured on the popular show "Diego El Santo." Featured in the scene where Otorongo sacrifices Luciana.
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 15
  • Nodo Defensivo Tres
    • The weaponry bristling from this spire protects Illapa. It acts as a router between Illapa and Zona Tres.
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 12
  • Puesto Guardia Batalla
    • A Black Hand outpost tasked with maintaining peace throughout the Gran Batalla region.
    • Surveillance Airship
  • Puesto Guardia Qhapaq
    • A Black Hand outpost tasked with maintaining peace throughout the Quapaq region.
    • Car Stunt - Caravana Camper
  • Puesto Guardia Hamparas
    • Speed Stunt - 80 (!!!)
    • Helicopter Stunt - Emsavion Utility Heli
  • Estaci(o)n Tranquila
    • Once a "peaceful place", the little roadside outpost is now routinely racked by powerful blizzards.
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 15
    • Surveillance Airship
  • Tributario Wanay
    • This tributary leads from the lake into the river, from the grasslands into the rainforest.
    • Speed Stunt - 160
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 20
    • Car Stunt - Verdeleon Eco (!!!)
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 10
  • Lago Bajo Qacha
    • A high reservoir of meltwater that feeds the Wanay Rainforest below.
    • Helicopter Stunt - Emsavion Utility Heli
  • Lago Deshielo
    • This lake is fed by melting snow from the mountains of Picos Nevados.
    • Speed Stunt - 145
  • Lago Salado
    • This lake is dense with salt from the surrounding salt flats.
    • Speed Stunt - 200
  • Los Molinillos
    • The wind turbine farm here is an Espetrol investment and powers homes and business across Recalada.
    • Speed Stunt - 70
  • Puquchi
    • The land in Delta R(i)o Wanay is difficult to farm, but this one has seen some success.
    • Boat Stunt - Dondequiera Fanboat
    • Speed Stunt - 100 
  • Dep(o)sito Urqu
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 10
  • Paseo Puente
    • Speed Stunt - 65 km/h / 35 knots
  • Espejo del Apu
    • Legend tells of a mountain spirit who would check his reflection by learning over this lake.
    • Helicopter Stunt - Emsavion Utility Heli
    • Speed Stunt - 50
  • Bajada Blanca
    • The meltwaters of this slope feed the sacred river below.
    • Speed Stunt - 120 + 65
  • Ca(n)on Raya Verde
    • The verdant floor of this canyon makes it a remarkable and welcome site in the orchard and desolate desert.
    • Speed Stunt - 60
  • Cuerda Floja
    • The perilous path up this slope earned it the nickname of “tightrope.”
    • Speed Stunt - 200 + 150
  • Golpe de Inti
    • While geologists puzzle over this odd rock outcropping, tourists snap selfies in front of the ancient structure.
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 20
  • Ca(i)da del (A)ngel
    • The meltwaters of this slope eventually find their way to the R(i)o Wanay.
    • Speed Stunt - 180
  • Sitio Picos Nevados
    • Constructed by archeologists with an Espinosa grant to facilitate study of Estatuas Pira(n)a.
    • Speed Stunt - 50
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 18
  • Helipuerto Extremo
    • This helipad once supported a skydiving business, but went under some time ago and has been abandoned since.
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 12
    • Speed Stunt - 160 + 150
  • San Marco
    • A desert town with little going for it. Mostly a home to better paid workers from Mina Rocanegra.
    • Speed Stunt - 120 + 100
  • Huesos
    • Small desert hamlet in P(a)ramos, mostly populated by workers employed at Mina Rocanegra.
    • Speed Stunt - 80 + 65
  • Boca Vieja
    • Most of this small town’s populace is employed at nearby Puerto Diego.
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 11
    • Bike Stunt - Prisa T(i)a Moped (!!!)
    • Car Stunt - Pasofino Pickup
  • Hermosa
    • This cozy coastal town sits above a beautiful beach.
    • Speed Stunt - 65 + 120
    • Car Stunt - Prisa Viajero Bus
    • Wingsuit Stunt - 9
  • Prisa Hack
    • This car factory is automated. Hack the system to take over the network, rendering the factory defenseless.
  • The Lost Tomb of Otorongo
    • ???
  • Gran Central Break-In
    • Powerful generators hold the doors of this massive facility shut. Sneak inside and disable the generators.
  • Diego Dive
    • The Black Hand have rigged this import harbor with explosives. Find and dispose of the bombs.
  • Yanacagua Takedown
    • This air base is surrounded by virtually indestructible defense cannons. Reprogram them to target their masters.
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