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Keyser Söze
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Aerial combat - Rage-Johnston F10 Wraith
Personal info
Full name Keyser Söze
Time of birth January 30
Current location city/town/village Anywhere City
List of jobs Super-villain
Favorite things in the Just Cause game series
Nation San Esperito
Faction Rioja Cartel
Characters Gabriela Morales
Locations / settlements Esperito City
Casa Montoya
Isla San Cristobal
eDEN Station: The Angel
Prospero Tanques
Vehicles Ballard series armored vehicles
La Honradez
CS Odjur
Weapons Fleisher AR-5 Blizzard
Assault Rifle (JC2)
SW9 Assault Rifle

About me

"Making order out of chaos. ...One or more pages per day."

Some links

My games

  • All games are PC.
  • The gaming hours are taken from Steam, Xfire (defunct community site with profiles and uploads) and Raptr (another defunct site) and in some cases estimated, because I started playing long before Steam was invented. Also, some of them are likely outdated.
  • The "+" after hours means that I'm likely to play more at some point, so the number is likely gonna become outdated. Also, obviously this does not mean that I'll definitely never play the others again.
Game Notes Hours played
Civilization V.
  • Gods and kings.
  • Brave new world.
  • Most DLC.
  • Large amount of mods.
Codename: Panzers Phase One. ~50
Codename: Panzers Phase Two. ~50
Codename: Panzers Cold War. 94
Daigaku Gurashi. In principal just like Yandere Simulator, except that you can customize even your own characters personality and there's no way to kill people and there's no rivals. But unpopular characters can kill themselves. This includes the controlled character. And there's no "game over" at the end of a week, so it's possible to keep playing forever. Just like with YS, I've watched more on youtube than played. This game is way better than YS. ~30+
Dirt 2. 20
Dirt 3. Not recommended at all. 5
Doki Doki Literature Club I've seen several hours worth of alternative content (along with the notes) on youtube. I wouldn't bother to click so many times for this on my own. I like Natsuki, if it matters, so I completed her storyline once. 1.5
Empire: Total War. This game was cut in half during development. There's so much more they could have added with very few effort. Like additional playable nations. Originally the whole world map was suppose to be playable. There's plenty of evidence of cut game features (buttons/icons that do nothing and even in-game tips that explain features that don't exist).
Update: I now have the previous game from this series ("Medieval 2: Total War") and my suspicions were right. That game is a lot more full of features and clearly the game developer had major budget cuts while they made this game, which explains the missing and incomplete features.
GTA 2. ~500
GTA 3. Lots of mods. ~300
GTA Vice City. Some mods. ~300
GTA San Andreas. Some mods. Also, I made a few great handling mods. ~1027
GTA IV. ~165
GTA Episodes from Liberty City.
  • Some mods.
  • I made an awesome safehouse mod once. It's the greatest penthouse apartment created from scratch that I've seen among safehouse mods. It doesn't actually let you save the game tho, but the trainer I used to create it allows the player to save anywhere, so there's no problem.
GTA V. Some mods. ~150-200
Just Cause. ~360+
Just Cause 2. 474+
Just Cause 3 Collectors edition. 171+
Just Cause 4 Gold edition. 150+
Medieval 2: Total War. Has a few slightly weird and illogical game mechanics, but seems pretty good so far. The battles look really chaotic in comparison to what I'm used to in Empire: Total War. Update: This game requires an enormous amount of micromanagement.
"Merging armies, my lord ... Creating a huge fighting force ... All our peoples hopes are with you, men, to battle! ... All of christendom will be awed..."
Minecraft Survival horror game with lots of crafting and building.
I have 4 fortified cities in my small kingdom. The capital is quite built up with several functional public buildings and a big castle. All points of interest with in my 5x5 km sphere of influence are connected to eachother by a system of safe tunnels in the nether. And I conquered a woodland mansion further away.
Saints Row 3. Several mods here too. 95
Simpsons: Hit and Run. ~20-30
War Thunder Seems OK if you're into this sort of thing. Unlike in World of Warships, this game (at least after 2 days of playing) doesn't seem to need any money at all. 10
World of Warships. The most ships I've sunk in a single battle is 8. Eventually I sopped playing because the many gamepaly mechanic changes turned the game into a pointless arcade where skill has nothing to do with it and half the time you're stuck in ineffectual suicide missions. 1152
Yandere Simulator I've watched around 50+ hours of gameplay videos on youtube. Finding all the secrets takes too long otherwise. Also, this game is still a pre-release demo. It is unlikely that this game will ever actually be finished. 5

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