• I live in Switzerland
  • I was born on August 31

Jc3 Mugello Quipozza F Z80
Gotta go fast.
Personal info
Full name MrFunreal
Time of birth August 31
List of jobs Full time doofus
Favorite things in the Just Cause game series
Characters Annika Svennson
Locations / settlements Litore Torto
Costa Sud
Grande Pastura
Vehicles Kerner Serpente R
Mugello Raffinati Vitesse
Carmen Albatross
Weapons Urga Vdova 89
The Little General
Capstone FH155

Well hello there.

I My name is MrFunreal, but call me Mister Funreal if you want.

My role on this wiki is basically just adding pictures or anything related to the game files. I already added alot of information on the cut game content from Just Cause 3 page. Since i'm a modder by hobby, i find all kinds of things that are inside the game files, that are not to be seen inside the actual game. You have no idea what's all in there.

Pictures I have added yet.

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