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Vagabundo Buggy
JC4 buggy at a desert town
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Buggy
Weapons Several options, see below
Rarity Below average, some versions are very rare
List of owners Civilians,
Black Hand,
Army of Chaos,
Possibly DLC gangs
Top speed (km/h) Unknown
Top speed (mph) Unknown

The Vagabundo Buggy is a vehicle in Just Cause 4.

The article includes data for all its sub-versions.


It's an open frame vehicle with few panels. The car has two seats.

It closely resembles the Urga Ogar 7 V8. Like the Urga, it also has a weaponized version, identical in all ways except for having two machine guns at the front end.

The rear of the vehicle has an Armadillo badge, indicating that it was made by them.


Relatively fast and excellent in all off-road areas. The suspension is very well done and keeps the vehicle stable on uneven ground at even higher speeds. It has 4-wheel drive.

Versions and locationsEdit

Model name Owner and color(s) Special features Weapons Locations
Vagabundo Buggy Civilians
Random colors.
None. None.
  • Very common. Usually pops up in traffic.
  • Parked at many random locations. Many towns spawn random vehicles at their parking sports.
  • Possibly provided for a few missions.
  • Can be unlocked for the supply drop by completing some mission/stunt.
Vagabundo Buggy Civilians
Random colors with stripes.
Racing body kit and nitros. None.
Vagabundo Buggy Army of Chaos
AoC faction colors and symbols.
None. None.
  • Parked at many bases, once controlled by the Army of Chaos.
  • At the front.
Vagabundo Buggy Black Hand in JC4
Combination of grey, black and red.
(BH faction colors and symbols.)
Has a spare wheel at the back. None
  • At many military (BH) bases.
  • Provided (as the nearest vehicle) for several missions.
  • At the front.
  • Sent to chase Rico during heat.
Weaponized Vagabundo Rico
None. One machine gun at the front. It can be fired by the driver. Weirdly, the machine gun can still fire if the MG model has broken off the buggy.
  • This is a DLC vehicle, in-game only at the supply drop.
Rufián Buggy One of the racing gangs from the Dare Devils of Destruction DLC.
Faction colors and symbols.
"Side booster". (Small rocket engines at the back, that aid in drifting.) At "A" and "B" ranks: Dual shotguns in the hood.
At "S" rank it gains "wheel spikes".
Rufián Buggy Same as above. None. None.



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