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Just Cause 4 has been released so all vehicles are now known. This article will eventually be moved to Category:Just Cause 4 Vehicles.

Many are listed in supply drop.

Improvements over previous games


One of the new vehicular features in Just Cause 4 is aerodynamics. Developers explained in some promotional interviews that different vehicles with different aerodynamical properties will be able to withstand wind and tornadoes more than others.

Effects of damage taken

Surprisingly, Just Cause 4 has a more realistic system for the effects of damage on vehicles (obviously setting aside the unrealistic equalization system). In previous games, when a vehicle was damaged, it would first look a little banged up, then more banged up, and then start leaving a trail of smoke, and then catch on fire before finally exploding. In Just Cause 4, vehicle performance is reduced and lowered when they get damaged. For example, when a player-operated Warchief Assault Tank is hit by an anti-tank weapon, the armor will be charred black and armor plates will fall off. The second hit will make it's appearance look even more damaged, such as the metal being burnt, as well as holes, cracks and dents on the armor. Besides making it look even more banged up and start leaving a trail of dark smoke, the third hit will also damage the tank's engine, resulting in engine failure. The tank's top speed will be significantly lowered, and there will be a few other effects as well. This is indicated by a flashing orange exclamation mark near the speedometer. The fourth hit will critically damage the tank. Visual effects include the tank looking even more damaged and deformed than ever, and flames all over the tank. Shortly afterwards, the tank will explode on it's own, even if it didn't take any more damage. The critical damage state is indicated by a flashing red exclamation mark.


From before the game was released, a note worthy of significant notice is the fact that all vehicle mounted weapons were revealed to have limited ammunition. Approximate examples from gameplay videos:

  • A helicopter can have 20 missiles and 1000 heavy MG rounds. This later turned out to be the Bloodhound Siege Heli with 100 missiles and 1000 MG rounds.
  • The light tank has something around 300 main gun shells and 750 heavy MG rounds. This later turned out to be the Warchief Assault Tank with the same armament, but definitely a main battle tank in lieu of a "light" tank.
  • A jet can come equipped with 60 bombs and 1600 MG rounds. This later turned out to be the Thunderhead Bomber Jet.

There only exception is unlimited ammunition during missions and the Thunderbarge. For example, Thunderbarge: Ion Coil Delivery features a Reptile AAV with infinite MG ammunition. The Thunderbarge seems to be the only vehicle in the game that has infinite ammunition both in missions and in freeroam.


Another thing to note is that all vehicles have a radio. The radio has multiple music stations and a talk station Solís Hoy that expands the lore and reports news.

Returning vehicles

Previous Just Causes had a few vehicles that seemed to return, but they had different names and only resembled enough to count as spiritual successors. Examples: Pocumtuck Nomad, Mosca 125 Performance/Mosca 125 Rallye, the various MV types.

There can be no doubt that several vehicle models were reused from JC3 with only minimal changes, but they do not have the same names.


An important thing to note about vehicles and explosive weapons in Just Cause 4 is their system of equalization. Unlike previous games, in Just Cause 4, the damage and durability points/"health"/HP (The number system that JC4 uses to calculate durability is unknown) of vehicles and their weapons are somewhat equalized.

All unarmored vehicles can survive more or less the exact same amount of damage before being destroyed, which is to say they have the same "HP". Armored vehicles- whether lightly armored APCs, slightly armored helicopters or heavily armored tanks all are about just as durable: able to survive two explosions before the third blows them up, or eventually blow up from a long continuous period of machine gun fire. Although there are small differences in vehicles' durability/HP (such as a Warchief Assault Tank (heavy tank) being just a little more durable than a Pointman Scout Tank (light tank) which is slightly more armored than a Reptile AAV or Bloodhound Siege Heli), these differences are too subtle to notice without really trying. In reality, APCs and armored Attack Helicopters most likely cannot survive one cannon round, while tanks can survive multiple. Obviously, a main battle tank is more armored than a medium tank, which is more armored than a light tank, which is in turn more armored than an APC. However, JC4 makes them all have the same "health" units.

For one reason or another, Just Cause 4 decides to make all armored vehicles have about the same durability levels, which can be considered very unrealistic. On top of that, a Longbow Canon Truck deals only a little more damage than a standard canon round or RPG, despite the Longbow having a massive artillery gun: All explosions are equalized as well. However, different types of bullets fired from different handheld guns have different damage output, probably because the player relies more on handheld small-arms.

In Just Cause 3, the durability of vehicles and their weapons' damage are noticeably more realistic. In JC3, a tank is more durable than an APC or Attack Chopper, but still not enough to be similar to real life.

It is possible to remove this system by making the HP of certain vehicle types and the damage of certain weapon types realistic and different. This can be done through modifying game files. Since it only changes the value of certain variables (HP and damage factor), this shouldn't be too hard.

Notes about the below lists

  • Many of the the below names were first reported from pre-launch gameplay videos where they had different names. These became Cut game content from Just Cause 4 because the vehicles were renamed before game launch. Do not remove these. They will be sorted into the cut content article and into the final vehicles pages (in their trivia sections).
  • Until we have an article for each vehicle, all descriptions should ideally be detailed enough to recognize the described vehicle from the gallery below. Please do not add duplicates into the list, as they are hard enough to tell apart with entries like "another sports car", or "another SUV".
  • The supply drop may seem like the same thing, making one list redundant, but it does not include all vehicles (or their versions). This article is meant to list everything.
  • According to one of the official videos, there's a total of 104 vehicles available to be dropped. However, there are usually several unique versions of vehicles, so counting those, the number of vehicles in the game could be significantly bigger. Last counted, there was 117 listed below here. If Army of Chaos versions of Black Hand vehicles are to be counted separately, then there could be about maybe 140.


Land vehicles

Civilian cars

All motorcycles and similar things

Civilian special-purpose vehicles

Military ground vehicles

  • Vagabundo Buggy / Weaponized Vagabungo - Armed buggy that resembles the Weaponized Urga Ogar. This is a DLC vehicle, included in the "Deathstalker Scorpion DLC Pack".
  • Warrior Offroad / Warrior Offroader - MV-type armored SUVs. It appears to be the most commonly used vehicle by the Black Hand and also comes in a pickup body style, although it's unknown whether these vehicles will have the same name.
  • Cavalry / Cavalry Armored Truck - MRAP-type 6-wheeled armored truck. It's a little smaller than the Urga Fura 570. The rebel variant is covered in graffiti or markings. This truck has an MG turret.
  • Strongbox AFV / Reptile AAV - 6x6 APC similar to the CS Baltdjur. It has an automated MG turret that can be controlled by the driver.
  • Trains and railroads in Solís.
  • Treaded tanks:
  • Próspero Longbow / Longbow Cannon Truck - a Huge 6x6 truck with a giant cannon turret.
  • Próspero Hauler - a Large 8x8 truck that looks like a Oshkosh M978 flatbed. Strangely, this truck has a flat rear, but it also has a connector for a semi-trailer. This is only visible in the top and rear view. Also, because the connector is further back then the most rear wheels, it should have poor handling when towing a heavy trailer.
  • Several types of military trailers:
    • Large trailer with a guard tower on it. There's at least 2 types of this.
    • Big trailer with a set of 4 missile containers. The containers closely resemble Patriot missile launchers. These are Huntsman SAMs.
    • Trailer shaped like a bus/brick with a small revolving device on the roof. Possibly an open-array radar unit.
    • Large box trailer with open rear doors, exposing some type of red destructible object. Unknown. Picture needed.

Sea vehicles

Aerial vehicles


  • Utility Helicopter / Emsavion Utiliy Heli / Dracon 22LR - Civilian helicopter sharing its model with the Eubus Eagle.
  • Emsavion News Heli - Seems identical to the above, but has a camera ball under the nose.
  • Dropzone Chopper - Looks similar to the CS Comet, but is bigger and it has a bed to allow vehicles and personnel inside the helicopter.
  • Firebrand Scout Chopper - Attack helicopter similar in appearance to the AH-1 Cobra with it's long tail boom and landing skids instead of wheeled landing gear. It is similar to the Sivirkin 15 Havoc.
  • Spectre Attack Heli / Spectre Attack Helicopter - Another attack helicopter this time looking almost identical to the CS Navajo but with a different cockpit canopy.
  • Próspero Bloodhound / Bloodhound Siege Heli - Attack helicopter seen in game art and one of two gameplay videos that appears to be a Mi-24 Hind fuselage and cockpit with the coaxial rotors from a Kamov Ka-50/52 Crocodile/Black Shark. In the gameplay, it has an armament of missiles and machine guns.
  • Próspero-Aero Sky Crane / Próspero Sky Crane - Skycrane-like helicopters. It uses a magnet instead of a hook. This helicopter is by far the most powerful helicopter in the Just Cause game series, as it can easily lift the EM-979 jet.
  • Emsavion Float Heli / Urga Racek - Small helicopter on floats.

Fixed-wing aircraft

  • Emsavion Thunderhead / Prospero Thunderhead / Thunderhead Bomber Jet - Twin-engine variable sweep wing fighter jet similar in appearance to the F-14 Tomcat and Panavia Tornado. It is currently armed with 60 "carpet bomb" and 1600 "machine gun" ammunition.
  • Fellhawk Jet Fighter - Fighter aircraft similar to an F-16 Fighting Falcon with a single engine and single vertical stabilizer setup, although it has different intakes and a cockpit almost reminiscent of a Sukhoi Su-27 or MiG-29. Just like with all other armed vehicles in the game (apart from a select few), ammunition is limited, but the ammunition counter seems to show the number of shots available to fire. This plane always fires multiple small missiles at the same time.
  • SkyCastle Cargo Jet / Próspero Jet Transporter - Closely resembles the U41 Ptakojester. You must secure the region Acantilados to acquire this aircraft for the supply drop. For some very strange reason, the identifying code on the side is the same designation as the Rebellion U41 Ptakojester.
  • Emsavion Cropduster - Small twin-engined propeller aircraft that closely resembles the Urga U17 Akrobat, although strangely it does not seem to be equipped for agricultural use. In real life most agricultural aircraft are specially built single engine propeller designs.
  • EM-979 Airliner - a conventional commercial narrow-body airliner similar to the Aeroliner 474, taking design influences from the Airbus A321 and Irkut MC-21, with a cockpit resembling an up-sized version of what's seen on the Mitsubishi MRJ.
  • PA Microfighter - Small and agile jet fighter. It also has variable sweep wings. It's armed with a "machine gun" that has 1600 of ammunition. It can also perform an "AR scan".
  • Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet / Stealth Microfighter - A variant of the PA Microfighter. It can turn almost invisible. However, this is purely aesthetic - enemies react just the same. It can only be obtained if one pre-ordered the digital deluxe or gold edition of Just Cause 4.
  • EM-909 Private Jet - Engines near the rear and a T-tail, similar in design to the Cassius 192. This is encountered at most civilian Airports in Solís.
  • Something resembling a DC-3.
  • Emsavion Floatplane - Vehicle resembling the Stria Ghibli 3 is making a return, as seen in NerdCubed's third video on Just Cause 4. Interestingly it has the same registration seen on the Urga U17 Akrobat in Just Cause 3.



Civilian cars and motorcycles

Civilian special purpose ground vehicles

Military ground vehicles (Black Hand and Army of Chaos)

Sea vehicles

Aerial vehicles


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