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Verdeleon 3
Verdeleon 3 (orange, left front corner).png
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Supercar
Weapons None
Rarity Only 3
List of owners Customs agents
The Rebellion (really Rico, once one is delivered to one of Mario's garages)
Top speed (km/h) 335 (no nitrous)
400+ (with nitrous)
Top speed (mph) ~205 (no nitrous)
~248+ (with nitrous)

The Verdeleon 3 is a sports car in Just Cause 3.


It's a 2-door, 2-seater supercar, based overall on the Saleen S5S Raptor Concept, with front-end hints from the W Motors Lykan Hypersport. The rear resembles something between a Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, or a Porsche 918 Spyder. The rear window looks like most Koenigsegg cars.

The pre-launch Rebel drop description said: "Who knew environmentalism could look this good? With a top-end speed of 330 km/h plus, the Verdeleon 3 makes gas look like fossil fuel."

The final rebel drop description says: "Only a handful of these eco-friendly supercars were ever imported. All were confiscated by jealous custom agents, hidden away in remote warehouses and forgotten."


Very fast with a normal maximum speed of 330 km/h and 400+ km/h with nitrous, given a long enough straight. It has a slower acceleration than the Mugello Farina Duo, making it harder to reach its top speed. Compared to the Mugello Vistosa, it has a slight increase in power.


  • Three of them are in a hangar at N 40 49.145 E 5 42.550. The hangar is located in northern Montana, a little to the north along the road from the Falco Maxime: Centcom gate. This is the same warehouse that is the target of the Snowy Peak Blast Crash Bomb challenge.
  • After bringing one to a garage, it can be called in at any time via rebel drop.
    • If you are going to drive the car south via Falco Maxime: Centcom, make sure to disable the FOW before attempting to drive past it.


  • As voted by fans in the 2017 poll from February 22nd - September 18th, this car has the second best engine sound of all JC3 cars.
  • The only known spawn location of this car and the number of them that spawn (3 of them) likely reflects the rebel drop description, as only 3 of them spawn, and they can only be found in a remote warehouse.
  • The Mugello logo can be found on the car, indicating the car is in fact a Mugello product, despite not having the word "Mugello" in its name.
  • The engine sounds similar to that found in a Lamborghini Gallardo, Sesto Elemento and Huracán, indicating that the engine is most likely a V10.
  • Even in the description it says "Only a handful of these eco-friendly super-cars were ever imported", indicating that Mugello is not a Medician company, or that the factories are located elsewhere.
  • It shares its top sustainable speed with the Mugello Vistosa. However, the Vistosa itself can reach a maximum land speed of 366 km/h, bested only by the CS7 Thunderhawk. This has lead to the belief that, if the Verdeleon 3 shares its top sustainable speed with the Vistosa, the Verdeleon 3 may be able to do what the Vistosa failed to do - reach 370 km/h on land.
  • The pre-launch description indicates that this vehicle is powered by something unusual, but the later description leaves it unclear what exactly makes this car "eco-friendly". It might even mean "economy friendly". It is also possible that this vehicle is a hybrid vehicle, similar to the real world Porsche 918.
  • You can hear what sounds like an electric motor at low speeds, indicating that it has a hybrid power-train.
  • This car was succeeded by the Verdeleon Eco in Just Cause 4
  • "Verde leon" translates from Spanish to 'green lion' in English, a nod to the eco-friendly nature of the car.