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Verdeleon Eco
3 Verdeleon versions, left front corners.png
All 3 versions.
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Sports car
Weapons Depends on the version
Rarity Common to rare
List of owners Civilians
Solino underground gangs
Oscar Espinosa (apparently)
Escarlata (briefly)
Top speed (km/h) 350 to 454
(depending on version)
Top speed (mph) 155 to 282

The Verdeleon Eco is a vehicle in Just Cause 4.

This article contains information for all of its versions.


This electric sports car features an aerodynamic body. It's a modern mid-engine two seat sports car.

In terms of resemblance, it appears similar to its predecessor from Just Cause 3 (Verdeleon 3), but this version having bolder styling and details, appearing similar to the Subaru BRZ and facelift Lotus Evora on the front end, even with possible cues from the McLaren 570S series of cars. It also bears resemblance to the Rimac Automobili Concept One, a real-world electric hypercar.

Some versions of the car feature a black painted and carbon fiber strip on the side skirts and one version is purple.


All ground vehicle speeds are tested at Aeropuerto General Benítez runways. If a vehicle loses contact with the ground, the game won't measure the speed accurately anymore.

Verdeleon Eco (stock version)

Like all versions, it has 4-wheel drive.

This vehicle is very quick to accelerate, which is to be expected from an electric car. It has very tight handling and brakes are better than average. As an electric car, it is very quiet, unless nitrous are active. Turning is noticeably smoother than other diesel sports cars; as a result, drifting is not always necessary when turning corners. Still, it is advised to use short drifts when driving on twisty roads at high speeds. Unlike other supercars in the game, the Verdeleon can decelerate fairly quickly without the use of brakes.

It is not advisable to drive on roads with high levels of traffic at high speeds, as the player will find it difficult to avoid collision with other cars.

Using the nitrous can easily result in the car being flipped over when hitting any sort of bumps. Also, the nitrous make the car sound like it has a jet engine. How it's even possible for an electric car to have nitrous and an exhaust flame is unknown.

Traction off-road and on dirt roads is poor, seriously limiting the speed.

  • Maximum speed with out nitrous: 350 km/h.
  • Maximum speed with nitrous: 430 km/h.


The DLC "Verdeneon" has some armament upgrades (see table below), but otherwise is identical to the original version.

  • Maximum speed with out nitrous: 350 km/h.
  • Maximum speed with nitrous: 380 km/h (at B rank).
  • Maximum speed with nitrous: [Unknown] (at A rank).
  • Maximum speed with nitrous: [Unknown] (at S rank).

Neon Racer Supercar

The "Neon Racer Supercar" is the fastest land vehicle in the game and second fastest vehicle in the entire game (second only to the Fellhawk Jet Fighter). It has impossibly good traction, allowing the vehicle to easily make any turn at less than 200 km/h, normally with out even using the brakes. With out nitrous, it's easily possible to drive down hill on a curvy road at high speed with out losing control.

This version has been advertised (on promotional materials for the Neon Racer Pack) to be the fastest car in the game and it certainly lives up to that claim.

Even with out nitrous, it is fast enough to pass a plane during take-off. With nitrous, while it is significantly slower than planes at max speed (despite speedometer saying otherwise) it can still catch up with some slow-flying planes.

  • Maximum speed with out nitrous: 374 km/h.
  • Maximum speed with nitrous: 454 km/h.

Versions and locations

Model name Owner Color(s) Special features Weapons Locations
Verdeleon Eco Civilians Random. None. None.
  • In traffic.
  • Sometimes at random parking lots.
  • Unlocked for supply drop by completing the Los Molinillos (Recalada region) car stunt. Note that this stunt might take a while to complete.
Rigged Verdeleon Eco N/A Random. Has an IED bomb on the back. None. Unknown, but as a rigged vehicle it would be reasonable to assume that it'd show up in region strikes involving the submersion of rigged vehicles. Cannot be obtained elsewhere, without mods.
Verdeneon Gangs in the Dare Devils of Destruction DLC. Faction colors and symbols.
  • "Nitros" (small jet engine at the back).
  • Different vents on the rear bumper.
  • Two unidentified objects attached to each wheel.
At levels "A" and "B": dual shotguns on the hood.
At level "S" it gains "wheel spikes".
Verdeneon Same as above. Same as above.
  • Different vents on the rear bumper.
  • Two unidentified objects attached to each wheel.
  • LNP HQ.
Verdeleon Eco Garland King Studios Multi-color combination None. None.
  • Can rarely be obtained from a Garland King sidemission called "Camera Ready".
Neon Racer Supercar Purple.
  • Nitrous (maximum speed of at least 400 km/h).
  • Purple under-glow at night.
  • Large high spoiler.
  • Different vents on the rear bumper.
Unnamed, but is called a race version. Pressumably Mugello. Same as civilian version, but with colorful racecar stripes. Mugello is written on the windshield. Cut game content from Just Cause 4. Like a number of cut but not fully cut vehicles, it is unobtainable in the game (without mods), but when successfully spawned in behaves identically to the normal Verdeleon, without any sort of bug suggesting it is an incomplete vehicle. The only issue is that it is unnamed, and the place where the name goes near the speedometer is empty. Has a jump function as well. Images to be added. None. Unobtainable in an unmodified game.


  • Verdeleon is a sub-brand of Mugello. This is proven by Mugello logos on these cars.
  • Just Cause 4 reuses several Just Cause 3 vehicle models with very minimal changes. This vehicle, or at least the base game version, reuses the Verdeleon 3 vehicle model and is the successor to said vehicle.
  • Initially, the maximum speed of the stock version was listed as 249 km/h. It's not known if that's because the speed was updated in one of the patches, or because someone was just wrong.
  • For unknown reasons, the Neon Racer Supercar used to go under the name "Espinosa's Verdeleon" and then "Custom Verdeleon Eco" before being renamed to its current name.


Gallery (all 3 versions)