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Vico Gamba
Vico Gamba
Settlement in Medici
Type Village
Region Insula Dracon
Province Trio
Coordinates N 40 41.765
E 5 35.170
Missions that take place here None

Vico Gamba is a village in Just Cause 3.


The entire settlement is on a dock-like stone platform. There are 8 houses that are currently in use and two sets of ancient ruins (one tower and one house of sorts). The Rebellion is using one of the ruins as a small shooting range, where they're shooting at vandalized Di Ravello posters. There is also a small junkyard just outside the village on the crossroads of the two dirt roads leading to the town. 

A road ends here, but there's no traffic on the road. Rico can also spawn on this road. There's an unmarked small dock a little to the south-east of the village, which has multiple small unusable boats and an Autostraad Kletterer 300 and a Brise 32.

According to the in-game map info: "Vico Gamba is historically targeted as the butt of jokes throughout Medici, its name a shorthand for stupid, ugly or lazy. Every summer, the neighboring cliff town of Ponere holds a feast that concludes with the townspeople shelling Vico Gamba with fireworks. The General is a noted fan of the event."

This is one of the most southern civilian settlements at Insula Dracon.



A dock just south-east of the village has an Autostraad Kletterer 300 and a Brise 32.


  • Rico can spawn at the western end of town, leaning against the Stria Gioco, close to an Urga Szturm 63A.
  • The fact that General Di Ravello likes the fireworks event may be because he was planning to do the same to Vico Gamba as he did to Costa Del Porto.
    • Although Di Ravello has always had a hatred for Costa Del Porto, even before his takeover he planned to burn the town for some reason, maybe personal?
    • He could just have a dark sense of humor.
    • Along with that, it or he never state these intentions making the above point about him burning the town purely speculation.
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