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Vico Maquerello
Vico Maqurello
Settlement in Medici
Type Village
Region Insula Dracon
Province Trio
Coordinates N 40 41.845
E 5 35.810
Missions that take place here Connect the Dots
Race: Maquerello Sprint

Vico Maquerello is a small village in Just Cause 3.


It's yet another small village oppressed by Di Ravello. It has a civilian port, as well as a lighthouse. The lighthouse is a little to the north of the settlement, near the starting point for the "Maquerello Sprint" race. There's also a Di Ravello tape found here.

A gun battle between The Rebellion and Di Ravello's forces takes place here during the mission Connect the Dots.

In-game map description: "Every year anglers from around the world pilgrimage to this small fishing community to view the Maquerello Sancte, a miraculous fish caught in 1973 that although deceased, has never exhibited signs of decay or decomposition. Rubbing its scales is thought to bring good fortune, though the practice is strictly forbidden."



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