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Vigilator Sud
JC3 parachuting near a radar base
As seen in a pre-launch promotional screenshot.
Settlement in Medici
Type Military radar facility
Region Insula Fonte
Province Sirocco Sud
Coordinates N 40 38.390
E 5 41.600
Missions that take place here None

Vigilator Sud is a military base in Just Cause 3.


This is a Medici Military base with multiple towers. It is the twin base of Vigilator Nord and one of the three radar bases in Medici. Before game launch, pictures of this base were often featured among promotional materials to show that JC3 has many tall vertical objects to BASE jump and Wingsuit off of.

The in-game map description states: "Nestled in the otherwise tranquil pine forests of Sirocco Sud, this massive listening station gathers and processes hundred of millions of telecommunication signals every day. The "Southern Overseer" is primarily tasked with intercepting revolutionary comminiques."


On a coastal mountain in south-western Sirocco Sud. The base is visible from most elevated locations in Insula Fonte and Insula Dracon. The base is also visible from Citate Di Ravello, the southern coasts of both Prima and Libeccio, and as far away as Cava Grande Secunde on a clear day.




  • This was the first base that was shown in pre-launch promotional pictures of the game.
  • This base is really odd in terms of weaponry for the personnel.


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