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Vis Electra
CS110 Archangel
Settlement in Medici
Type Military power station
Region Insula Fonte
Coordinates N 40 40.435
E 5 44.190
Missions that take place here None

Vis Electra is a military power station in Just Cause 3.


According to the in-game map: "A 600 year-old vineyard was flattened, and the military power plant of Vis Electra was built in two months by prison labor. To this day, nobody knows where its power goes, or how many political prisoners are entombed within its foundations."

According to Rico after Time For An Upgrade, he will destroy the base in a day compared to the base being built in two months.

The large columns make it look similar to Vigilator Nord.
CS Negotiator (at Vis Electra)

Rico with a CS Negotiator at this base.

Before knowing about the use of prisoners during its construction, Rico estimated that the construction must have taken 3 to 4 months. In reality, a base of this size would've probably taken at least half a year.


Province of Baia, near Mario's grandmother's house.





Completion of the base (or at least, some of it) is from 7:30 - 11:10

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PAX Aus 2015 Just Cause 3 – Choose your own Chaos (Gameplay - Review - interview)

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