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The Volcano island in Medici is a large island with a volcano in Just Cause 3.
JC3 volcano island (view from south)

View from south.


There is no known official name, but there are many points of interest.

The island is easy to spot as the large island at the north-west corner of Medici.

The island is entirely shaped like a rough cone, however the north/north west side is noticeably more rugged. At the top is the volcano caldera, with large pools of lava and near the coast are ruins of ancient towns and cities. There are no modern settlements.

Points of interestEdit

There are no settlements, or outposts that can be Liberated, so it's impossible to Fast Travel to the island.

  • There are a few Easter Eggs here:
    • There is a single Medici Military soldier and a single Rebellion soldier located at a small outpost on top of the volcano. This can be found at N 40 51.232 E 5 28.175. One of the soldiers will kill the other. In the outpost there could be either a Urga Szturm 63A or a Urga Ogar 7 V8, the vehicle can be either the rebel version or the Medici Military version.
    • A stranded man, wearing only underwear and being near an Inflatable liferaft, is on a small island at the north-west corner of the map. This is possibly a reference to the movie Cast Away.
    • The chair and beach umbrella that Rico sits on when the game is started. (N 40 51.125 E 5 29.926) You will spawn here once when starting the game after finishing the Son of Medici mission. A Stria Ghibli 3 also spawns here. You can knock over (and subsequently fix) the umbrella. The chair can not be moved.
  • Ruins of several ancient settlements. One of these is nearly the size of Citate Di Ravello. Due to the fact that the architecture of these settlements resembles ancient Roman architecture, it is possible that these are a reference to the city of Pompeii, which was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE.

See the below map for the locations of all points of interest.


There's several Roman-era settlements, considered to belong to Ancient Medici.

At some point the volcano erupted, deforming the island and flooding three of the coastal settlements (ruins 2, 4 and 10).

A part of the edge of the crater has collapsed in a recent eruption and released a by now dry black river of lava. The molten lava in the crater glows orange and makes the vision blurry due to heat distortion.


Main article: Son of Medici.

The last storyline mission takes place here. To avoid spoilers, see the mission article itself for details.



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