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Walker PA Twin Fin
Walker PA Twin Fin
Don't ever fly so close to the ground, especially when you're not even looking in the direction you're flying... unless you think you know what you're doing.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Small private plane
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians

The Walker PA Twin Fin is a small private airplane in Just Cause (1).


It's a small single engine civilian plane. It is based on the real plane Adam A500.

It has four wheels that are positioned in a manner which prevents the plane from tilting backwards during takeoff. This causes the plane to need an unusually long runway.

The body of the plane is much shorter than that of a usual plane and does not extend to the tail. The tail is connected to the rest of the plane by two booms, extending back from the wings.

It's made by the fictional Walker company.


It needs a long runway to take off. The easiest way to take off is to start a takeoff run and hit a bump or a hill so it can get airborne, or drive it off a cliff at high speed. It is sometimes harder to land than other planes especially when it needs a long runway to land.


It's owned only by private citizens or companies and is never seen being operated by any politically active characters.

  • At a small airfield, next to the Fuente de Lourdes town near the Guerrilla 11 "Camp Riverside" safehouse.
  • At a small civilian airfield, next to a village called Las Martinez on the east-south side of Provincia de El Oro (very close to Provincia de San Mateo). It is very difficult to start a flight there, partly because of the position it spawns in. The safehouse Guerrilla 12 "Valley camp" is the closest safehouse, but it is still a distance away.
  • Is parked at a small airfield, directly south of Paradiso Melledino. The runway here is far too short to start a flight. Any attempted takeoff will result in the plane crashing against the fence at the end of the runway.
  • Can often be seen flying in the sky in random directions. Occasionally crashes into terrain.


Walker PA Twin Fin - Just Cause 1 - HD 720

Walker PA Twin Fin - Just Cause 1 - HD 720