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Water towers in Panau
Water Tower
A large water tower.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 2
Total amount 220 (It should be 221, but one is missing)
Armament needed Large tower: Small arms fire
Small tower: Melee
Value in Chaos points 250
Value in money 1250
Approximate safe distance during destruction Small: Just don't be on them.
Large: Less than 10 meters.

Water towers in Panau are sabotage destructible objects in Just Cause 2.

For water towers in other games, see Water towers (disambiguation).

Appearance and purposeEdit

Water towers are large containers of water, on top of special towers. They are made to contain and provide water in areas where pressurized water pipes aren't available. Modern real word cities haven't relied on water towers for over a century, showing just how much Panauan money is going into military funding instead of public welfare.

See also: the wikipedia article for water towers.

There are three versions with only two being destructible: Large and Small. The third type are very small and indestructible. Poor jungle villages have what appear to be large buckets staged on top of wooden poles to act as very small water towers. These towers are not accounted for in this article.


The large versions are impervious to melee attacks, but are still affected by bullets and explosives. Rico will be thrown violently into the air when a tower is destroyed, if Rico was on top of it. Likewise, if Rico is underneath the tower and it is destroyed, Rico will be pinned to the ground for a second. Using explosives is quick, but wasteful. If either versions of the towers are destroyed accidentally by the Panauan military, Rico will still get the blame for it happening.


Even though the in-game information says there's 221 of them, there are actually only 220. This is one of the causes for the unobtainable 100% glitch. See also: Bugs. It turns out that the last water tower is in an unfinished map file, which is in the game, but doesn't get loaded. There's a mod that fixes it. Each destroyed will give 250 Chaos points and $1250.

Large versionEdit

The larger version is very common, and very easy to spot. You can find them in villages, towns and military bases. They're pretty easy to take down, with less than a clip from the Assault Rifle being required. The larger ones will also often have collectible items on top of them and in certain military bases, will have snipers on top of them as well. To destroy them, any small arms fire will do, so don't waste grenades. That said, taking cover from enemy fire on an intact tower is dangerous and impractical, as their small arms will destroy the tower and send you flying off of it, making you a wet ragdoll ripe for Panauan target practice. However, you still get the credit for destroying the tower, so no worries.

Small versionEdit

The smaller versions are also quite common, albeit only in the districts of Panau City. One can usually find them on rooftops, scattered throughout the city, and in big numbers. They're usually in plain sight and where there's one water tower, there's another one in plain view on the neighboring rooftop. However, take note that it is important to be pragmatic and organized if you want to find and dismantle them all. Using a helicopter and sweeping the city is a fast and efficient way to find them. If you want to go on foot, using the sniper rifle and grappling hook is also a good combo. Any form of attack will quickly destroy them.

  • 20 in Docks District.
  • 18 in Financial District.
  • 46 in Park District.
  • 31 in Residential District.

Indestructible versionEdit

These are large buckets/canisters on top of some wooden sticks. They're equipped with hoses to provide water through 3 small taps. The villages that have these are pretty much slums.



Main article: Just Cause 2 Bugs and glitches.

  • There is a rare glitch on the PS3 version of the game, where if you melee it and stand on top of it for a few moments, it will explode by itself.
  • There may be an audio glitch on the Xbox 360 version where upon destroying one the sound of the splashing is heard over and over when close to the location (need confirmation).



Tuk Tuk vs Water Tower

Tuk Tuk vs Water Tower

Taking out a water tower

Just Cause 2 Water tower glitch

Just Cause 2 Water tower glitch

A rare glitch with Water towers.

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