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Weaponized Pescespada SS
Jcs Weaponized Pescespada SS 1
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Armed speedboat
Weapons Dual miniguns
Rarity Preorder bonus
List of owners Rico
Top speed (km/h) ~92.6
Top speed (mph) 50 (knots)

The Weaponized Pescespada SS (known as Mugello Delphino GLF in pre-launch promotional materials) is an armed speedboat Just Cause 3.


The Rebel drop description states: "The Pescespada was cool before, but the potential for destruction added by two forward-facing machine guns takes this sleek racer to the next level."

It's an open top speedboat with a traditional hull shape. The front corners have mounted miniguns, which are called "machinegun".

According to the preorder info, it's said to have finest brushed Italian leather seats and subtle dual miniguns.

This is a Pescespada SS with miniguns, hence the name.


Probably the same as the usual Pescespada SS, meaning fast.


Available in Rebel drop as a part of the preorder Weaponized Vehicle Pack.


  • It's made by the fictional company Mugello.
  • 'Delphino' (or delfino) is Italian for 'Dolphin'.


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