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JC3 Weimaraner W3 left front corner.jpg
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Off-road car / SUV
Weapons None
Rarity Civilian: Extremely rare
Medici Military and The Rebellion: Very common
Black Hand and Lacrima Rebels: Common
Z80: Race exclusive
Tom Sheldon's: Cut-scene exclusive
List of owners Black Hand
Former Prisoners of Lacrima
Medici Military
The Rebellion
Tom Sheldon
Top speed (km/h) ~160 (168 w/ Nitrous)
Top speed (mph) 99 (104 w/ Nitrous)

The Weimaraner is a vehicle in Just Cause 3.


This vehicle is a 4-door SUV, based on the Peugeot P4 and Mercedes-Benz G-Class with some frontal cues from the Land Rover Defender around the headlights.

There is a cargo frame on the roof, along with four floodlights, which are functional at night, as well as two floodlights mounted on the front guard. On the rear of the military version, there is a spare tire, as well as what appears to be a fuel canister. Both are missing on the rebel version. (Many rebel vehicles are missing extra equipment present on the military versions) There's an air intake on the hood. Under the same hood, there is an inline engine (probably an inline-6, given the proportions). The exhaust note hints as it being a diesel engine.

The Weimaraner is built on a ladder frame and has front double wishbone and rear solid axle suspension.

The Rebel drop description for the unlocked rebel version is "The general purpose vehicle for military and rebel forces alike. Suitable for all terrains, it is especially capable in off-road situations."

The rebel drop description for the civilian version is "They don't look like much, but these military surplus offroaders are known for their reliability and durability, making them a staple for island hopping adventures."


The vehicle is top of its class, with handling and speed comparable to the Stria Joia and Windhund 4. It excels in all areas as an agile but easy to control car, great for evading enemies, although it lacks sufficient armour. It's relatively good for off-roading.

It cannot survive much damage. With the mediocre U-39 Plechovka, you can destroy one without even using an entire clip. A single hand grenade will destroy it, as long as it explodes close enough.

Given its nature as an unarmed and unarmored vehicle, its purpose should be limited to transport and scouting. In-universe, it would be useful as a basic, highly affordable transport/scout vehicle. In the game, it's pretty much useless to Rico because he always has to face hordes of enemies. With that being said, it is pretty useful for loosing heat, but only if you're on Heat Level 1 or at most 2.

If faced with one, shoot its wheels and it should tip over and explode, killing the occupants.

Versions and locations

Medici Military

This one is brown and marked with three white stars, as with other military vehicles. It is the first response vehicle when having a low heat level.

The Rebellion

This one still has three stars, but it comes with rebel flags and without the spare tire and fuel canister on the back.

  • From rebel drop. This does not require liberation of a base, as it is unlocked from the start of the game.
  • Commonly arrives as reinforcements, especially at the end of a base/outpost takeover.
  • Is provided during the mission Bavarium on a Plane.
  • Military versions at bases get replaced by the rebel version, once the settlement is taken over.
  • At the Albeto Pero police station.

Black Hand

This variant only exists in the Mech Land Assault DLC, and does not exist in the base game. This version is brown and has skull logos on the sides.

Former Prisoners of Lacrima

Like the Black Hand variant, this variant only exists in the Mech Land Assault DLC. This is a repainted Black Hand version with the Lacrima Rebels' signature flag (orange with a black drop of liquid in the middle). The hood is painted yellow as well. This one does not have a name.

  • Spawns parked at liberated prisons.
  • This is the vehicle provided at every player load point on Insula Lacrima. Rico will be leaning on one when the game is loaded on Lacrima.
  • Used by the former prisoners during the mission Storming the Hive.


A civilian version of the vehicle that spawns in multiple colors.

  • After bringing it to a garage from the locations below, can be called in for Rebel drop.
  • Two are on one of the small islands south of Citate Di Ravello, which is at about N 40 43.550 E 5 38.815. There are two tents near the cars, but no people. It's the second island directly south. The same island also has a small unmarked outpost that has a helicopter, an Urga Szturm 63A, a randomised car and a SAM. The outpost is controlled by either the Medici Military, or The Rebellion, depending on who controls the nearest province(s).
  • One on a group of three islands west of the Albeto Pero lighthouse and very close to the eDEN Airship. It is located on the farthest west of the island group. There are two tents next to its spawn. Coordinates: N 40 42.920 E 5 40.775
  • Tom Sheldon owns a red one, as seen in The Setup. This version is unobtainable.

The easiest ways to obtain one of these is to use a helicopter and airlift it to the mainland or the Urga Hroch. Both are available at the nearby Porto Coclea military base, if you take the first location. Keep in mind that with a transport helicopter, it might prove difficult to put it down on the ground without it exploding.

Another way to obtain the civilian version of the Weimaraner is to use the U41 Ptakojester airplane, put one of the cars in the cargo bay, close it and fly it to a near coast, from where you can drive the car to the nearest garage. This way is quite easy to do on the southern island in the north bay of Insula Striate since you have much space to start the plane. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to secure the cargo with tethers before starting the plane.

"Weimaraner Z80" ("Crash Bomb" racer)

A seemingly usual civilian version is used for the crash bomb event near Fortalessa. In that event the vehicle is called "Weimaraner Z80". Cancelling the event will prevent the bomb explosion and let the player keep it, but Alessia does not accept it into the Rebel drop, claiming that they can't do anything with it.

A military version is used for another Crash bomb event near Cava Montana. This one is near a guard tower.


  • There's multiple differently named versions of this vehicle, but they're the same vehicle. The Rebellion version is named "Weimaraner", the civilian, military and Black Hand versions are "Weimaraner W3" and the crash bomb version is a "Weimaraner Z80". The Lacrima Rebels version seems to not have a name at all (the part where the vehicle's name normally appears is empty).
  • If you look closely, you can see that the Rebellion variant is actually a captured Medici Military variant that's had Rebellion markings painted on it and over the Medici Military decals.
  • This vehicle holds the record for most variants of a single vehicle in Just Cause 3, with six. These variants are Rebellion, Medici Military, Black Hand, Former Prisoners of Lacrima, Crash Bomb and Civilian.
  • Though not confirmed, it is possible that the vehicle's name references a breed of hunting dog or a German city.
  • The front indicators are placed in a strange location, the secondary lights should be on the outside for the indicators to be useful. This is also the placement of the indicators on the real Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse.
  • As per the game files, where this car is named "v0000_car_autostraad_oldjeep_civilian_01", this car is made by Autostraad.
  • The real versions of this vehicle (Mercedes Benz G250 and its versions) are in use in multiple European armies.
  • The Pugilista SUV is the successor to this vehicle in Just Cause 4, albeit with a completely different design.


The Rebellion

Medici Military

Black Hand

This variant does not exist in the base game, but is added in the Mech Land Assault DLC.

Former Prisoners of Lacrima

Like the Black Hand variant, this variant only appears in the Mech Land Assault DLC, and does not exist in the base game.