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White Tiger
The White Tiger Unique unmarked Fengding EC14FD2
Their truck.
Faction in Just Cause 2
Goal, or purpose To rebel
Ideology Unknown
Leader "White Tiger"
Starting base, or HQ Rajang Temple
Source of money Unknown, possibly all payed for by Tom Sheldon

This article is about the organization "White Tiger". For the mission "The White Tiger", see: The White Tiger.

The White Tiger is a "rebel gang" in Just Cause 2.


It's a small rebel gang, who live in the jungle and hope to bring democracy back to Panau. This organization is led by a man who's confusingly also called "White Tiger". The man "White Tiger" is an American and apparently very friendly. The gang consists of a few local Panauans and Polynesians.

Their HQ is the ancient Rajang Temple, as well as the sunken ship in the desert (see Easter Eggs in Just Cause and Just Cause 2 and Cargo ships).

This gang is first mentioned after you complete the agency mission "Casino Bust". Karl Blaine tells you that there is much uncertainty behind the intentions of this gang, saying that they could be fighting for or against the government. Soon all faction leaders (who you've contacted) will tell you the same and say that the White Tiger gang is not like them, because it's a "rebel gang". The difference is that the usual factions all have personal money and/or power related interests, but the White tiger seems to be an actual rebel faction, motivated by only ideology.

It's sometimes possible to hear the Panau Broadcasting Company reporting on the gang's actions.

Tom Sheldon explains during the third Agency mission ("The White Tiger") that he created the gang, to stay undercover while trying to find out more on the "international players" (other foreign agents) on Panau and that he had to cut off ties with the Agency to do this. Tom's cover is blown when Rico finds Tom, because Karl Blaine had "bugged" Rico's PDA. Karl notifies the Panau Military, who quickly show up. Rico and Tom then out-fight the military ambush and Tom departs to clear things up with the Agency and talk to his fellow gang members and tell them that their job is done, disbanding the gang.

Known membersEdit