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Wilforce Range X
Wilforce Range X
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Military off-road car
Weapons None
Rarity Panau Military - Common
Others - Mission only
List of owners Panau Military
Japanese Military
Pipeline workers
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 65
Acceleration 70
Armour 50
Handling 70

The Wilforce Range X is a military off-road car in Just Cause 2.


The Wilforce Range X, like all Wilforce vehicles, is based on the Jeep Wrangler. It seems to be identical to the Wilforce Trek II, only with the roof packed up leaving the roll cage exposed.

It spawns in desert, snow and jungle camouflage. In 'Siphoning Gas' it spawns in dark blue camouflage.

It's one of the three vehicles in the Wilforce series:

It's made by the fictional company Wilforce.


Acceleration and speed are fairly good and handling is very good both on-road and off-road. The Wilforce Range X makes an excellent pursuit vehicle, which is why the Panau Military uses it as a pursuit and patrol vehicle. It is almost brilliant for a getaway vehicle but smaller vehicles like the Hamaya GSY650 will speed up to it quite effortlessly. However, when the player controls the Range X, the AI sometimes shoots the wheels, rendering the car useless for escape, so it may be good to take out pursuers perquisite to using the Range X.

It's very good at withstanding heavy crashes, even with oncoming vehicles at high speeds. Like other Wilforce types, the AI (during Heat) is less than perfect and will often crash (but not explode) into larger vehicles, giving you a few moments to flee before it maneuvers around the vehicle and continues chasing you.



  • The Wilforce Range X will give you 50 Chaos points and 300 dollars upon destruction. You can use this as a handy way of getting money, if a Race is too difficult for you.
  • You can keep the sirens on even after exiting the vehicle by going into a stunt position and jumping off. This works with every vehicle in Just Cause 2 equipped with a siren.


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