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Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine
As seen in Just Cause 2.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause game series
Total amount JC1: Tens
JC2: 50
JC3: 30 (45 if you have Mech Land Assault DLC)
Armament needed JC2: Small arms fire
JC3: "Many bombs"
Value in Chaos points JC2: 500
JC3: None
Value in money JC2: 2500
JC3: None
Approximate safe distance during destruction Any, just don't let the blades fall on you

Wind Turbines are a type of electrical power generators in the Just Cause game series.


Main article (at Wikipedia): Wind turbine.

Wind Turbines are basically miniature electrical power plants. Wind pushes the large propeller blades, making the propeller spin. The propeller is connected to a large generator, built into the top of the tower. The top of the tower is able to rotate, to face the direction of the wind.

San EsperitoEdit

They produce less than a half of the electricity of San Esperito. Mostly being made by the San Pedro power plant. As revealed in some Rioja Cartel missions, the Montano Cartel uses some electric cars, which are sometimes charged by these. The electric cars are actually completely usual gang cars.


They might produce about a half of Panaus electricity. The rest being made by the Awan Cendawan nuclear power plant and Loji Bahan Bakar Fossil oil thermal power station.


The Wind turbines in Medici are most Reliable source of power for Medicians, as both Vis Electra and Alte Potentia are military only. This is confirmed by the description of Burgoletto, which states that the town can rely on a steady source of power for the turbines. The turbines are marked with a yellow stripe suggesting they could be owed by the government.


The turbines are owned by Espertol, the same fuel company that owns the gas stations.


Parts of a wind turbine

Parts of a real wind turbine.

Real ones of this size produce about 1 to 1.5 MW (Megawatts) of electricity. More info at wikipedia.

San EsperitoEdit

They have a yellow base and a grey tower. The Just Cause (1) versions appear both in the sea and on dry land. Always in small groups. Stay away from them when you're using an aircraft - your vehicle will explode, if it's hit by a blade. They're at least 50 meters tall.


They are about 55 meters tall (confirmed by BASE jumping). You can often find a Transformer next to them. They are always found in groups 3-6, sometimes little more separated from each other. They are among the few sabotage destructible objects that make noise while in action.

It is possible to Grapple to the spinning blades, although it is not easy.


They're white with a yellow circle near the bottom.

On Insula Lacrima, there are run down and overgrown wind turbines previously owned by the eDEN Corporation. There is also one lying on the ground, partially blocking a road. They have light blue markings on the generator. These can only be seen through the Mech Land Assault DLC.


They seem identical to the JC3 ones.


San EsperitoEdit

They can't normally be destroyed, but there is one Rioja mission, where Rico has to destroy a government wind turbine, for providing power to the Montano Cartel. Note that the missions, provided at different locations, are different, so you can't just start doing Rioja missions anywhere and expect to see one.


If you destroy them, the rotor wings will fall off, but the tower and turbine will stay up. Each will give 500 Chaos points and $2500 when destroyed. Explosives works best for this type of object, but small arms fire will also damage them and destroy them. Note that it may also be hard to get up on the turbines effectively, so shooting may be optimal if destroying a lot of turbines in a row.

See also: Category: Sabotage destructible objects.


This is said to take "many bombs". The turbines no longer provide Chaos points and will respawn after the game gets restarted. The generator can easily be destroyed by a "heavy missile from a CS Navajo helicopter.


San EsperitoEdit

There are tens of them, all over the nation. They can be seen both in the sea and on dry land. See the map in the gallery below for their locations.


There are 50 of them. In general, they are mostly found at coastal locations, but can occasionaly be seen inland.

One area of the Just Cause 2 Demo (near Pekan Selamat) that does not have turbines has got them in the full game version.


There are many around Medici.



  • Double grappling cars, NPCs and other objects to the spinning wind turbine blades can be very entertaining. Grappling the racers to the wind turbines at Bandar Selekeh race track can be especially entertaining. This however can be quite difficult. This can become significantly easier with the assistance of modifying the game. (You can use mods like Bolopatch, or any related grappling hook mod.)
  • At Pulau Berendam on very rare instances, one of the five there will be standing still.
  • According to the map description of Burgoletto in Just Cause 3, wind turbines were installed there against the locals' wishes, but now they enjoy them.

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