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Yamada 37-14 Vaquero
Yamada 37-14 Vaquero stunt (picture from game developers)
Stunt jump. Picture from the game developers.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Off-road motorcycle
Weapons None
Rarity Depends on the version, but rarer than average.
List of owners The Agency
Un-named motorcycle gang
Rioja Cartel
Unknown (possibly San Esperito Military)

The Yamada 37-14 Vaquero is a motorcycle in Just Cause (1).


It's a modern off-road motorcycle.

Off-road motorcycles are distinguished by having a much higher suspension and a much thinner saddle.

It's made by the fictional Yamada company.


It's the best off-road motorcycle in the game and as such, it's not very fast on a road.

Locations and versionsEdit

Owner Color Locations
Agency Black and with Agency logos
Slightly darker black and no logos
San Esperito Military Gray
Un-named motorcycle gang. Various civilian colors.
Guerrillas Green
Rioja Cartel (race host) Black
  • At a motorcycle race track at the "Casa Isabella" Cartel villa, west south-west of "Agency 04 Camp Beachcomber" safehouse. It's the provided and recommended vehicle for the race that takes place there.
Unknown Black
  • At the supposed medical facility featured in Love is in the Air, at one of the lower bunker entrances.


  • Judging by the name, it's based on some Yamaha motorcycle.
  • A part of its name, "Vaquero", means "cowboy" in Spanish.
  • The exhaust pipe is so close to the rear wheel, that it's clipped partly inside the wheel.
  • The Just Cause 2 successor to this vehicle is the Makoto MZ 260X.


Agency versionEdit

Guerrilla versionEdit


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