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Zeno Antithikara
Turncoat Zeno
He's in the center.
Character in Just Cause 3
First appearance Turncoat
Faction Medici Military
Job Scientist
Last known status Dead

Zeno Antithikara is a character and secondary antagonist in Just Cause 3.

Personal lifeEdit

According to himself in The Watcher on The Wall, he was always an unpopular and ugly person.


He's a scientist in the field of Bavarium weapons development. His colleague Dimah describes him as having an adequate IQ. According to himself in The Watcher on The Wall, he wanted to develop Bavarium for civilian uses, but Di Ravello wanted weapons.

In the mission Turncoat, he reveals he was part of "Di Ravello's Bavarium Corps" and that he wants to defect. He agreed to defect, because Dimah had "made very specific offers of wealth and land". He was angry at her for tricking him, because he received no reward. He also expresses disappointment at Rico and Mario being the only people The Rebellion send to protect him. They subsequently deliver him to a rebel farm anyway.

In the mission Rico and the Rose, it is revealed that Zeno has again changed sides (or that he was always a double-agent) and was spying for General Di Ravello and is promptly arrested. Later Di Ravello sends the Black Hand to free him. He attempts to escape in a helicopter during The Watcher on The Wall but is killed by Rico.


  • As seen in the "The art of Just Cause 3" book that came with the collectors edition of the game, his original design included a long coat. The rest of him looked the same.
  • In Dimah's lab at Grotta Contrabandero there are multiple books with the title: "Zeno and the art of bavarium tank maintenace", which suggests that Zeno wrote this book and must have been working at the factory where they were built. This is also a reference to the book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".
  • He is one of three characters in the Just Cause game series to wear glasses. The others are Salvador Mendoza and Javi Huerta. Otto Kleiner has a monocle.


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