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Zona Dos
Operation Thunderbarge (charged sphere).png
As seen during Operation Thunderbarge.
Settlement in Solís
Type Research base
Region Kunka
Biome Jungle/Rainforest
Missions that take place here Operation Thunderbarge

Zona Dos is a weather research facility in Just Cause 4.


In-game map description: "Reaching this secret facility is impossible due to violent storms and the swelling Allpa river. Only the Black Hand may come and go."

It is a large military base that researches and produces thunderstorms. There is a large "weather core" in the middle. The "core" is a weather machine, shaped like a big ball. It is held by three telescopic legs, that left it up during the mission here.

Until Operation Thunderbarge, the base is constantly surrounded by a powerful thunderstorm. The lightning storm's lightning will strike targets in or around the base. Just one lightning strike is powerful enough to almost one-shot-kill Rico, making it difficult for the player to enter the base. Even if he enters the base in an heavily armored vehicle such as the Warchief Assault Tank, the lightning will be powerful enough to critically damage the tank. Hence, it is advised not to approach this base until the mission. For more about this, see lightning storm.

This is one of four bases that produce and research extreme weather. The others are Zona Uno, Zona Tres and Illapa. Overall this base is a part of Project Illapa.

The base is raided and the weather core is destroyed in the mission Operation Thunderbarge. To avoid mission spoilers, see the mission article for what happens.

Other than the weather core, the base consists of large concrete buildings and platforms on both sides of the river and dams connecting the sides to each other. With none of the military equipment, the base would resemble a set of flood gates.

Officially, the base was built on orders from Oscar Espinosa, after the death of his father, Leon Espinosa. As Rico learns during missions, the base was actually built in secret by Leon, who intended to use the weather technology for the benefit of all the people of the world. See Project Illapa for more about this.

As also revealed in the mission, the base is next to a set of ancient ruins. Those runs have a secret passage to an old Agency outpost.



The base is found in the western part of Kunka. Before Operation Thunderbarge, it is very easy to see with the core intact. Approaching the base before the mission will cause a thunderstorm that reduces visibility, including the chance to be killed by lightning.


  • See Zona Uno and Zona Tres for the other two "zones."
  • The Agency outpost is inaccessible outside of the mission.
  • In reality, harvesting lightning for energy has been tried, but at the moment nobody has succeeded in doing that yet.
    • However, the weather technology here is much more advanced. Not only does the core generate lightning, it causes a heavy rain to fall over the surrounding area. Though, technology for creating rain also exists, but is very different and involves planes.
    • In short, what is possible at this facility is still somewhat impossible in real life.